John and Evelyn AshtonThe Ashton's, as seen to the left in a 1940's photo, were collectors, so when you tour the museum you probably will see Hummel, Anri, and Wade figurines, as well as Knowles, Hibel and Bing and Grondahl plates and Haviland dishware. Sports fans will see items from the Kentucky Derby and The Ohio State Buckeyes, at times dating back to the 1940's. In addition you will see area historical photos, political paraphernalia, and all kinds of toys and games. Join us for a journey back in time. All displays are changed during the winter months so that our visitors will see something new each year.

There have been many changes in our society since the store was opened in 1932. The museum artifacts will bring back memories for some and be a learning experience for others. As you walk through the main floor of the Ashton home you may see a movie camera looked like in 1937; what was on the cover of Scouting magazine decades ago; what was happening at the Carroll County Fair in days gone by and much more. Civil War artifacts, magazines and newspapers from decades ago and many items that immediately will touch your memory are on display
The museum property has a history of its own. Erma (Butler) Grove lived in a house at 120 3rd St. in the 1920's. Her brother, J.C. Butler, owned a furniture store in Carrollton. The Ashton's bought the Grove home in the spring of 1960 but the house was in need of serious repair so Ashton House Museuminstead of being remodeled it was torn down. In 1961 the Ashton's moved into their brand new modern home (as seen to the left) on the same property where the Grove home stood. The photo of the house shown at the top of this page was taken at Christmas in 1984.

The mission of The ASHTON HOUSE MUSEUM is to preserve the memories of the 20th Century (with a glance at the 19th and an eye towards the 21st), as seen, in part, through the eyes of Evelyn L. and John H. Ashton. It will display, for the public benefit, the collections of the Ashton family and other historic and nostalgic artifacts that helped define an era. Enjoy a relaxing stroll through the gardens and a nostalgic walk through the museum to reflect on the America of yesterday!

This is where it all began! Ashton's 5¢ & 10¢ Store, also known as Ashton's Ben Franklin Store, opened in 1932. In 1938 the store was moved down the street to 60 West Main where it remains today.

The museum is located in the Ashton home of over forty years, just a few blocks from the Ashton 5*& 10* Store. The house, built in 1961, is seen below in a 1987 photo.

120 3rd St. NW, Carrollton, Ohio 330-627-2682

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John H. Ashton and Evelyn L. Pool were married December 5, 1932 at Delaware, Ohio. Five days later, on December 10, they opened a variety store in Carrollton, Ohio, which remains open today. Through 68 years of marriage, John and Evelyn raised three daughters, owned all or part of eleven variety stores, traveled the world, and spent countless hours giving back to the community in their adopted home of Carrollton.

The ASHTON HOUSE MUSEUM illuminates the time in which they lived.

Ashton House Museum